Flock Friday for August 14

As with the previous batch, I will post separately about the newest ducklings. These Flock Friday posts will include the older ducks and chickens.

Before I closed up the duck house for the new ducklings, the older ducks had only been going in their house to eat:

Ducks in their house

Down the ramp:

Down the ramp

They are now being fed in this temporary food dish; they’ll have access to the house feeder again once the new ducklings are grown:

Duck food dish

Ducks on the pond:

Ducks on the pond

Chickens heading to bed:

Chickens heading to bed

Chickens heading to bed

Ducks on the pond again:

Ducks on the pond

And on the pond bank:

Ducks on the pond bank

GIF of a Rouen flapping his wings:

GIF of duck flapping wings

Sleeping on the pond:

Sleeping on the pond

And sleeping on the pond bank:

Ducks on the pond bank

Chickens with treats:

Chickens with treats

Chickens with treats



Stealing lettuce I’m holding for the ducks, while I’m crouched to take pictures:

Stealing treats from me

Duck treats:

Duck treats

Under the shade:


Ducks eating from the temporary food dish:

Ducks eating

Ducks eating

And some food scattered on the ground:

Ducks eating

GIF of ducks eating:

GIF of ducks eating

Submarine duck:

Submarine duck

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