More ducklings day 2

It’s day two of the newest ducklings… but unfortunately not for the Buff one. She died overnight.

I was a little concerned about her yesterday, as I saw her apart from the others a few times, which is unusual for ducklings; a potential sign of health issues. I didn’t see anything obviously wrong with her yesterday, but this morning when I visited the duck house, I found her dead in the corner, unfortunately the corner that’s in the camera blind spot.

Reviewing the cam footage, this is one of the last shots of her, having a midnight snack with the others:

Midnight snack

I saw her go into the corner, then didn’t see her again until I found her in the morning.

It’s always sad to lose an animal, but it happens. I guess she was just too weak. I just hope we don’t lose any of the others.

Sleeping around the thermometer:


Cuteness in the morning:




Just now, I saw a Rouen on top of the EcoGlow; I seem to recall one of the previous batch liking that spot, too… yeah, as seen on day 5 of the previous batch:

Rouen on the EcoGlow

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