More ducklings day 54: mucky night pot

Today’s no-longer-ducklings post includes some night shots, some meals, some treats, adding another island to the pond, and mucking out the duck house. What’s your day like?

Spotted on the repositioned mobile cam, the new ducks finally got hungry enough to go find some food inside the duck house, which I’m leaving open overnight currently:

Duck dinner

Some older ducks hanging out by the house:

Ducks by house

A GIF of a duck getting startled (I think Betty, hard to tell in the night vision); perhaps a fish nibbled her toes:

GIF of startled duck

Ducks by their house:

Ducks by house



Eating mealworms tossed from the pond deck:



Comfy groundcovers:





New ducks on the ramp:

Ducks on ramp

This afternoon I moved a large spare ceramic pot to the pond, to serve as another island for the ducks (yes, it was rather heavy):

Large pot

I waded into the pond, and positioned it so it was at around water level. Here’s the new one in the foreground, near three others. The new one should be big enough for two to four ducks, depending how cozy they get:

Upturned pot islands

A GIF of ducks swimming, recorded while I was standing almost waist-deep in the pond (in my waders):

GIF of ducks

Then I mucked out the duck house. Here it is after removing the waterer:

Duck house

Since I was adding fresh straw every day, it had built up quite a thick layer, about four inches:

Deep straw

After hauling several loads of dirty straw to the compost bins, I came back to find food strewn over the floor; it seems someone had been by for some food while I was away:


Looking at the cam now — yep:


Fresh straw:


Much better:

Duck house with fresh straw

Today I have two GIF summaries, since the GIF works better with uniformly-sized pictures. So first a summary of all of the camera shots I captured (except the last one above):

GIF summary

And a second summary GIF of the photos from my iPhone:

GIF summary