More ducklings day 56

Getting to be about time to conclude the “duckling” posts. Maybe one or two more, then reducing to the weekly Flock Friday posts.

Last night, the ducks swimming for mealworm treats:

Swimming for mealworms

This morning, on the pond bank by the duck house, having just gobbled some leafy treats:

On bank

Sassa and a couple of Rouens:

Sassa and Rouens

A procession of Sassa, Clara, and three Rouens (one peeking around the rock):

Sassa, Clara, Rouens

Them gazing over the pond:

Clara, Rouens, Sassa

Around noon, some ducks enjoying the shade of a shrub next to the pond and pond deck:

Ducks in shrub shade


A Rouen showing off her shiny wing: