Cat update for week ending November 14

Happy Caturday!

Let’s start with a screenshot of my cams app, showing two cats on the deck, one in a cabin, and one in the feeder:

Cams screenshot

Three cats outside their house:

Three cats

A photo of three cats — can you spot all of them?

Three cats

Pommie and Poppa in the cabins:

Pommie and Poppa

A shadow of a cat on the awning, peeking in the window:

Cat shadow

Paladout on the path to the pond deck, watching me:


Four cats inside their house:

Four cats

A zoomed photo with two cats; one on the deck, one inside:

Two cats

Pommie peeking out the door of the house at Paladout arriving to steal some food:

Two cats

Spud jumping up to the breezeway cabin for a midday nap:

Jumping up to breezeway cabin

And down again a few hours later:

Jumping down

The twins:


That is the last picture captured from that camera; it stopped working after that. When investigating, I figured out why: the pin of the power supply cable had rusted off. It’s an outdoor cam, but not totally impervious to the elements. So I’ve ordered a replacement cam. (I got a “renewed” model, which is pretty cheap.)

 Spud in the breezeway:


Three cats at breakfast time:

Three cats

Spud by the cabins:


Paladout watching me again:



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