Cat update for week ending November 21

A happy Caturday to you.

Here’s Spud on our front steps:

Spud on front steps

And in the breezeway:

Spud in breezeway

Poppy and Porcini snuggles:

Poppy and Porcini snuggles

A GIF of snuggles (previously posted on my personal blog):

Snuggles GIF

A cams app screenshot, showing four cats:

Cams screenshot

(The outside cam is still offline, though I have received the replacement; just need some time to set it up.)

Spud between the cabins:


Another screenshot, this time with five cats:

Cams screenshot

When refilling their food, I flushed Poppy out of the cat house; she watched me from a safe distance:


Porcini and Poppy licking in somewhat different ways:

Porcini and Poppy

Two cats; one on the cat deck, one near the lantern behind the tree:

Two cats

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