RIP Poppy, the best feral momma cat

I am sad to report the passing of Poppy, our feral momma cat. She died at around 21:00 last night, peacefully in the cat house. The cause of death is unknown; no injury that I could see. She was about four or five years old; a ripe old age for a feral cat.

She first joined us in 2017, when she chose under our front steps for her four young kittens. Here’s a previously unpublished picture of her with one of her kittens:

Poppy and kitten

She was a very attentive mother to her kittens, bringing them rodents to eat, and always looking out for them. Here’s a picture of her having a rest under a deck while the kittens play:

Poppy having a rest while the kittens play

I like to think that she chose well, as we started feeding them, and provided heated shelters, neutering, and more for them. If you haven’t seen it, you can read more about them joining us on the cats page.

Here’s a recent picture of Poppy on the cat house deck:

Poppy on the cat house deck

And a picture from the most recent Caturday of Poppy by the cabins, keeping an eye on me:


I will miss that Poppy-face.

We buried her this morning, next to our late pet cats beyond the pond.

Rest in peace, Poppy.