Cat update for week ending March 20

Several pictures of Poppy on this week’s Caturday, and some of her offspring.

Here is an unusual angle of the cat house, from the field, with Poppy nearby:

Poppy by cat house

Poppy drinking, with Bella on the deck:

Two cats



Poppy in a cabin, unconcerned by me nearby:


Poppy drinking from a water dish, a little more concerned at me walking towards her:


Poppy by the cabins, keeping an eye on me:


Poppy and Porcini:

Two cats

Two cats

Pommie, Spud, and Porcini at the cabins:

Three cats

Up close:

Up close

Porcini and Poppy inside their house:

Two cats

Spud and Bella:

Two cats

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