Bee shed: wall framing

Yesterday I did more work on the bee shed project. I was supposed to be working on Dejal stuff, but I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather instead. A benefit of being self-employed. (I still got what I needed to do done last night.)

The activity of the day was adding 2×6 boards onto which the corrugated panels will be attached.

Here are two 12’ boards clamped to the posts:

Adding wall framing

And screwed in place, along with an 8’ 2×4 board below the bottom one to fill a gap:

Adding wall framing

They are attached with deck screws; I like them as they’re self-drilling, corrosion-resistant, and have a square hole (apparently called a Robertson drive type) that doesn’t slip as much as the more common Phillips style:

Adding wall framing

The boards at ground level follow the slope of the ground (dug in a little; this is treated wood, designed for ground contact):

Adding wall framing

More wall framing:

Adding wall framing

I made the middle two (almost) level, since shelving will be attached to them:


That’s done:

Adding wall framing

Next up (today): shelving supports.

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