Cat update for week ending March 6

Welcome to Caturday.

It looks like my upload issues yesterday were caused by Jenn’s new PS5 hogging all of the bandwidth, downloading updates. Our slow internet can be annoying sometimes.

The feral cats are getting more comfortable with me; here both Poppy and Spud remained in their cabins while I was refilling the bird food nearby:

Cabin cats

I didn’t get a picture, but yesterday I had an even closer encounter; Poppy was having a drink from the small pool at the top of the waterfall while I walked past; I was maybe three feet from her, and she didn’t retreat. That’s way closer than they usually prefer. (I didn’t pause to take a picture, since I know she wouldn’t have appreciated that.)

I also just posted a TikTok video of Poppy in a cabin. I’ll repost it on this blog in due course, once I catch up with other videos, but you can watch it there now if you wish.

A cat sitting in the tall grass on the edge of the field, probably looking for rodents:

Cat in field

(That grass is the drain field of our septic system, so is always rather lush; I need to mow it soon.)

A close encounter of Paladout near the pond:


Can you see two cats watching me?

Two cats

Enjoying a sunbeam through the window:

Comfy cat

Porcini and Poppy:

Two cats



Unusual to see Pommie inside the house:

Comfy cat

Two cats in the feeder:

Two cats in the feeder

Three cats:

Three cats

Porcini, Poppy, and Spud at the cabins:

Three cabin cats

Lastly, a cams app screenshot of four cats; one in a cabin, one on the cat house deck, and two inside the cat house:

Four cats

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