New garden cart

I got myself a handy homestead addition: another garden cart. I often have need of another cart, e.g. when my main one is occupied, as it has been with tools for the bee shed project, so I finally decided to get one.

One criterion was I wanted a cart that was similar to my main one, but a bit smaller, specifically for situations like taking tools to a project elsewhere around the homestead grounds, like the bee shed, the shop steps, various garden plumbing projects, etc.

So I chose a cart that is 34×18 inches, and to be different, got it in yellow (which isn’t available on Amazon anymore as I write this).

Some assembly required, as usual:

Cart components

The assembled cart:

Assembled cart

I also got a removable liner for it, to prevent small components from falling out:

Cart liner

I then transferred the tools I’m using for the bee shed to the new cart; perfect size:


For comparison, here are some pictures of the two carts; as you can see, the new one is quite a bit smaller than my older one:

Two carts

Two carts

Two carts

My green cart is one of my favorite pieces of equipment, that I use weekly for everything from hauling tools to chicken food and recycling (which I haven’t been able to do while occupied with tools). I’m sure the new yellow cart will be a valuable addition.

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