Bee shed: door cladding

More work on the bee shed project, including some tweaks to the door, adding corrugated cladding, and filling gaps.

As mentioned last time, I wasn’t entirely happy with how the door handle ended up with little space on the left of it, so I modified it to add another 2×6 board to the left, with a bit of overlap to help mount the corrugated panel:

Door handle

I also added some 2×4 boards onto the corner posts, to also help support the corrugated panels:

Corner gap filler

I did the same on the door:

Door tweak

Here’s the final door wall framing:

Door wall framing

Then I started cladding that wall and the door with corrugated panels:

Door cladding

I cut the corrugated cladding using tin snips; pretty easy:

Cutting corrugated cladding

A clear panel on the door:

Door window

The full door wall. I’m not entirely happy with the top panel on the door, as it isn’t properly straight (the top of the door is angled, so it isn’t quite as bad as it looks). I also think would be better as a clear panel, to de-emphasize the choice to offset the panels, so I might change that next time:

Door wall


The door and wall from inside:

Door from inside

Lastly, I added spray foam gap filler to close up the gaps between the corrugated panels and the boards. Not particularly attractive, but this shed is all about function over form. I will use a knife to cut off the worst of the excess next time:

Gap filler

The door wall with gap filler:

Door wall with gap filler


Next time: changing the top panel of the door, cleaning up the gap filler, adding the shelves, and other finishing touches. Then I’ll be done!

3 thoughts on “Bee shed: door cladding

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  2. You could consider stretching the left side of the corrugated panel – leave the bottom where it is, just stretch above it to fit . It’s all about optical illusions.

    Of course, it may not stretch anyway….

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