Flock Friday for April 30

For Flock Friday this week, some pictures of Betty and her nest in the duck house, a few pictures of other ducks, and some of the chickens.

Here’s Betty in her nest behind the feeder tube, as seen from the maintenance door:


Via the duck house cam, Betty in her nest, grabbing a bite, plus a couple of boys also eating:

Ducks in the duck house

Betty eating some spilled food to avoid moving from her nest:


While Betty was taking a brief break, I got a picture of the eggs with downy fluffs. These soft under-feathers are one of the things that make ducks so cold-tolerant. Nesting ducks pluck them to both insulate the nest, and to expose skin as a “brood patch” to provide more direct warmth to the eggs:

Duck eggs with downy fluffs

Feather fluffs

Ducks in the pond:

Ducks in the pond

Ducks by the lawn:

Ducks by the lawn

Betty on a break, looking kinda scraggly:


Betty in her nest:


And at night:


On to some chicken pictures. Here they are roosting in the old coop, shortly before the pop door automatically closed:

Chickens roosting

Closed door:

Chickens roosting

Roosting in the new coop:

Chickens roosting

Another angle:

Chickens roosting

Kiwi eyeing me:


Chickens in their run:


In the veggie garden (they’ll be kicked out soon, when we’re ready to start planting):


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