A special Flock Friday: welcome to Betty’s ducklings

Last night Betty’s ducklings started to hatch! So this is a special Flock Friday primarily about that. I’ll probably follow up with daily posts about how they’re doing and with more pictures; I’ve only seen them on the duck house camera so far, as I don’t want to disturb them too soon.

I did get some duckling food when I went to the feed store a couple of days ago, so I’ll put that in the duck house for them later, though Betty will probably feed them. They don’t need to eat their first day; the nutrients from their eggs sustains them. For these ducklings, I want to remain fairly hands-off, letting their mother take care of them. She will provide them with her waterproofing oils, so they should be able to swim very soon. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Before we get to the ducklings, here’s a peek at Sonja’s nest:

Duck eggs

Duck eggs

Sonja started full-time nesting last Friday (the 21st). So the clock starts then for her eggs hatching; expected around June 18. Assuming Betty allows the competition.

Here’s Betty on her nest, a week ago:


Sonja and Betty in their nests:

Sonja and Betty in their nests

Betty’s nest is conveniently behind the feeder tube, so she’s able to eat without moving:

Betty eating from her nest

Here’s an animated GIF of my first sight of one of Betty’s ducklings last night:

Betty and ducklings

A still image of Betty and ducklings:

Betty and ducklings

Another GIF, with a couple of ducklings visible:

Betty and ducklings

Another pic:

Betty and ducklings

Dark GIF:

Betty and ducklings

Sonja, Betty, ducklings:

Sonja, Betty, ducklings

GIF (with broken egg shells visible too):

Betty and ducklings

GIF of an adventurous duckling:

Betty and ducklings


Betty and ducklings

Stay tuned for more (and better quality) duckling pictures!

4 thoughts on “A special Flock Friday: welcome to Betty’s ducklings

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  2. Welcome, indeed! How exciting.

    Just a small question – do the other ducks come into the house to feed, or are they finding all their food outside these days?

    1. Yes, they come in to eat, when Betty lets them. She chases them out if the ducklings are exposed; I’ll post an example tomorrow.

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