Flock Friday for June 4

On last week’s Flock Friday I announced the hatching of Betty’s ducklings, and followed up with three days of posts featuring the ducklings. I may do that again once Sonja’s ducklings hatch, expected around mid-June. But for now, it’s back to a more normal Flock Friday post, with some duckling pics included.

Starting with a few token chicken pics on a wet day:




Bert about to hop into the pond:


Ducks in the pond:

Ducks in the pond

Ducks on the path to the duck house (time to remove those gates; don’t need them with mothered ducklings):

Ducks on the path

Betty and a duckling on an upturned pot island:


Ducks enjoying mealworm treats; it didn’t take the ducklings long to learn how tasty they are, and come zooming over when they see me on the pond deck:

Ducks enjoying mealworm treats

Ducks enjoying mealworm treats

Ducks on pot islands:

Ducks on pot islands

Ducks on pot islands

Ducks on pot islands

Betty and ducklings:

Betty and ducklings



Betty and ducklings

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