Cat update for week ending July 3

It’s Caturday. This week, I spotted an alien orange cat in the feeder:

Alien orange cat

Plus of course the regular neighbor cat visitor, Paladout:


A nice picture of Pansy in the back of the shop:

Pansy in the shop

Jenn said my girlfriend was out front. Yep, there’s Porcini:



Spud hunting in the tall grass beyond the grove:

Spud hunting

Got something:

Spud hunting

Two cats at the cat house:

Two cats

Porcini about to jump onto the camera housing:

Porcini about to jump onto the camera housing

Pansy on a chair in her nest area of the shop; I’m going to have to rearrange that sometime in preparation for our estate sale at the end of August:

Pansy in the shop

Have a pleasant and safe Fourth everyone!