Homestead pending sale

For those curious about the progress towards our next adventure, I thought I’d post a quick update.

That previous blog post was published on June 23, the day our homestead went on the market. (Read that post again for details.)

A few days later, on June 28, we got a couple of offers, and on June 29 we accepted one. So the house sold, contingent on the buyer’s house selling. We then did the usual inspections and such, and the buyer’s house sold on July 21, so our house went pending, locking down the closing date on August 31, as mutually agreed between the parties.

We have 30 days after that before we need to be out of here, at the end of September, though may be out sooner, depending on how things work out.

As discussed in that previous post, we plan to buy a large RV and travel the country. So we need to downsize. We are working with a professional estate sale company to sort through our stuff and prepare it for sale. We’ll have a four-day sale on September 9-12.

We have narrowed down our search for an RV to a few (used) models, and are keeping an eye on the availability. The RV market is pretty crazy right now, much like the house market. We hope to reserve one mid-August, and pay after closing on the house at the end of August.

We also have a big extended family trip to Yellowstone on September 6-14, which was booked ages ago, so we have multiple plans for how to handle that, depending on which RV we decide on. So the estate sale will be conveniently while we are away, since we’ll be selling our bed, amongst other stuff.

It’s been a busy month! And still much to do — sorting our stuff into leave/take/store/sell/trash categories, continuing to research RVs and learn about their systems, installing the towing components on our truck, getting various health checkups out of the way, getting a storage unit, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates!