We got the call that the ducklings had arrived at the post office, so I headed back there this morning to collect them.

As with the chicks, I strapped their box in the truck seat:

Box of ducklings in truck seat

Once home, I took the box to the duck house and opened it up, for a first look at the ducklings. Unlike the chicks, the box included a heat pack and some gel-like food in a cup:

Ducklings in box

I lifted each duckling out of the box into the duck house. We got two breeds, one male and one female of each. Here’s the male cayuga duckling; the gender is indicated by the leg the band is on:

Male cayuga duckling

The female cayuga duckling:

Female cayuga duckling

Male buff duckling:

Male buff duckling

The female buff duckling was in a hurry to explore (look at those cute little wings!):

Female buff duckling

They checked out the food:


Me teaching a duckling to drink water, by dipping its bill:

Me teaching a duckling to drink water

They were quite thirsty, unsurprisingly:

Ducklings drinking

Ducklings drinking

Some more shots of the ducklings:





It’s great to have the duck house occupied now.

3 thoughts on “Ducklings!

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  2. They are so cute!tgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgt my cat is joining in the correspondence

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