Slo-mo bees in the bee water pool

A slow motion video of bees flying around and drinking from the small pool we provide for them.

2 thoughts on “Slo-mo bees in the bee water pool

  1. Judging from the patronage, your bee water pool was much needed!

    David – Could you show me some pictures of your house please – the pix of the livestock are wonderful, but I would like to see it in context!

    Also, am I the only person commenting on your bulletins? I can’t seem to see anyone else’s, but I sometimes think there’s some there. I do tick what I think are the right boxes, but maybe they aren’t.


    1. It has been a while since I did wider-angle photos of the homestead. My policy for this blog is to concentrate on the animals and gardens; I typically avoid the house, for privacy reasons, and because it isn’t that interesting.

      You are pretty much the only person who comments directly on the blog. Other people comment on Facebook,, or Twitter, where these posts are cross-posted. All are completely valid options.

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