Cat update for week ending August 3

Welcome to Caturday!

Three cats, with the one coming out of the shelter having a good stretch:

Three cats

Peeking around the corner, while waiting for breakfast:

Three cats



A raccoon walking down a tree; they are really good at climbing:

Raccoon walking down a tree

Four cats:

Four cats

Dinner queue:

Three cats

More snuggles; they haven’t been using the shelter very much of late, so I enjoy seeing when they do:


Three cats:

Three cats

A fourth arrives:

Four cats

Porcini looking at a bug on the wall below the camera:

Three cats

Four cats:

Four cats





Pumpkin, the alien orange cat:

Orange cat

Daytime raccoon:

Daytime raccoon

Pepper in the shop:

Pepper in the shop

Two cats, with chairs in the field for our party today:

Two cats

I expect the cats will avoid visiting tonight, with more humans and dogs roaming around. Hopefully they’ll fill up before that.

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