Ducklings day 5

Today in the duck house, I captured some interesting EcoGlow interactions, plus added some straw bedding.

Here’s a shot from the duck house cam showing the ducklings actually using the EcoGlow heater for a substantial amount of time; the first time I’ve seen that. Maybe that means it was too high before, and they’ve grown into it? The red light helps keep them more calm.

Ducklings under EcoGlow

An animated GIF of a duckling drinking, going under the EcoGlow, then jumping on top of it:

GIF of ducklings

A shot of the duckling on the EcoGlow:

Duckling on EcoGlow

The usual picture of the ducklings when I first opened the door this morning (the light is still red, but the sunlight coming in the open door overwhelms that):


Definitely time for some bedding. I just added a thin partial layer of straw bedding for now (the ducklings hid in the back nesting box while I added that):

Added some bedding

Later I will add more, and in due course will remove the shelf liner layer from the floor, once they’re more steady on their feet.

The ducklings were very curious about the straw:

Ducklings exploring





Afternoon visit:


Cutely watching me:


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