Ducklings day 47

Today I tried to take pictures of each of the ducks so I could state their names. Plus I gave them some mealworm treats.

Firstly, leafy treat time for the ladies, Sonja, Betty, and Cora:

Treat time

Raoul and Rémy reaching from the ground, and Betty at the top of the steps:

Raoul, Rémy, and Betty

Sonja loves to swim:


Sonja has opinions, too:


Sven in the back, and of course Betty again:

Sven, Betty

Cora and Sonja swimming for treats:

Cora and Sonja

Clyde and Sven:

Clyde and Sven

Raoul or Rémy; I can’t tell the two Rouen boys apart yet:

Raoul or Rémy

Cora and Sonja again:

Cora and Sonja

Raoul or Rémy making a splash:

Raoul or Rémy

Sven, Cora, Clyde:

Sven, Cora, Clyde

Raoul or Rémy looking at me:

Raoul or Rémy

Raoul or Rémy, Sonja:

Raoul or Rémy, Sonja

Sonja showing her feathers:

Sonja showing her feathers

This afternoon, I gave them some mealworms; the ladies really enjoyed those:

Ducklings with mealworms

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