Beehive inspection in July 2020

A couple of days ago we did a beehive inspection. Jenn was rewarded with a couple of stings through her glove, though fortunately she appears to have only got a little of the venom before dislodging the stingers, since they didn’t swell up too badly.

Cedar hive: we checked on the Flow super; it is fairly empty, so we didn’t harvest it. We’ll do one harvest when we remove it next month:

Cedar Flow super

Cedar honey and brood frame:

Cedar honey and brood frame

Cedar honey and brood frame:

Cedar honey and brood frame

Cedar brood frame; adequate capacity:

Cedar brood frame

Cedar brood frame:

Cedar brood frame

Hot pink hive: a very nice honey frame:

Hot pink honey frame

Hot pink brood frame; look closely towards the top in the middle, you can see a baby bee emerging from a cell:

Hot pink brrod frame with bee emerging

Hot pink brood frame:

Hot pink brood frame

Orange frame:

Orange honey frame

Purple honey frame:

Purple honey frame

Turquoise hive: a nice honey frame:

Turquoise honey frame

Turquoise brood frame:

Turquoise brood frame

Yellow honey and brood frame; the yellow Flow super also didn’t have much honey, so again we’ll harvest when removing it later:

Yellow honey and brood frame

Here are all hives; the pink and turquoise hives were looking a little near capacity, so we added a Ross round super to the pink one, and regular honey super to the turquoise one; they probably won’t have time to do much with those, but that should relieve any pressure to swarm:

All hives

All hives

The left three hives; the orange hive is still looking weak, so we’re continuing to feed it. They better get a move on if they want to survive the winter:

Left three hives

The right three hives, all with honey supers. We still need to add a proper base on the turquoise hive; we got one, but they sent the wrong size (10 instead of 8 frame), so we’ll have to get another one sometime. The temporary base is fine for now, though:

Right three hives

The grass was getting rather long around the hives, so after the inspection I mowed while wearing my bee suit, and used shears to cut the grass under the hive stands:

Mowed around hives

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