Cat update for week ending July 4

For this week’s Caturday, a number of pictures of spotting cats in person, plus the usual cat cabin and house pictures.

While doing afternoon rounds, Rory spotted Paladout in the distance:

Rory and Paladout

Rory and Paladout

Spud emerging from the breezeway cabin:


Two cats in the cabins:

Cabin cats

Having a drink:

Cat outside



I spotted Porcini on the path near the stream:

Cat on path

Cabin twins:

Cabin cats

Two cats on their deck:

Two cats

Three cats at the cabins:

Three cats



Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

Three cats inside

I spotted a cat on the edge of the field:

Cat in field

Make that two cats; looks like they’re watching something:

Cats in field

Then they both headed towards the front yard (Porcini and Poppy):

Cats in field

Poppy and Porcini again:

Two cats

And again; those two like hanging out together:

Cat snuggles

Three cats:

Three cats

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