Ducklings day 41

Today I did another minor tweak to the duckling pool, and they didn’t even wait for it to finish filling before they wanted to go in.

But first, sleepy ducklings just after midnight:

Sleepy ducklings

Morning ducklings, keen to get out. I can’t blame them — as they continue to grow, it’s getting rather crowded in there when they’re active:

Morning ducklings

My tweak was to add another couple concrete blocks, one in the pool as a platform to make it easier to get out or stand, and one outside on the right as an exit step:


They were keen to get to the treats, even though the hose was still filling the pool:


I filled it to the top today, giving them lots of depth for swimming and diving:


A splashy takeoff from the platform:


Making a hole in the water:


Wings flapping:


More flapping:


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