Ducklings day 48

Only a few more days of duckling posts! It’s becoming increasingly a stretch to call them that; they’re pretty much just ducks now. My threshold is when they are allowed in the pond.

And I now have a planned date for opening the pop door of the duck house: this Sunday. The weather will be cooling off a bit later this week, but Sunday is forecast to be a high of 90°F / 32°C and low of 62°F / 17°C, so they’ll probably want to cool off in the water, and it’ll be warm enough overnight if they choose to spend the night on the pond (as I expect at least some will).

Here’s everyone; Sven on the left, then Betty, the two Rouens (Raoul and Rémy), the two Khaki Campbells (Cora and Clyde), and Sonja in the pool:


Cora and Sonja:

Cora and Sonja

Cora, Sonja, one of the Rouens:

Cora, Sonja, one of the Rouens

Bert watching… not long now, buddy:

Bert watching

Sven and Sonja standing side-by-side, a Rouen in the shadowy foreground, and Cora preening:

Sven, Sonja, and Cora

A Rouen, Betty, and Sven:

A Rouen, Betty, Sven

Bert and Betty watching me:

Bert and Betty

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