Ducklings day 58: not really ducklings anymore

I still haven’t decided what to do about my duck posts; as mentioned in today’s Flock Friday, I will probably roll them into the Friday post, but am tempted to continue daily posts, perhaps with just one picture, though that doesn’t really fit the format of this blog. But hey, why decide now when I can put it off another day!

So, on with today’s pictures… starting with some night cam shots from last night; looking alert about some noise or something:

Night ducks

Some in the water:

Night ducks

Everyone swimming:

Night ducks

Morning ducks:

Morning ducks

Below the pond deck:

Ducks below pond deck

On the bank:

Ducks by pond deck

A GIF of wing-assisted jumping from the pond to the bank:

GIF of ducks by pond deck

Next to the lawn, with Bert shaking his head:

Ducks next to lawn

This afternoon, ducks on the bank enjoying mealworm treats, with Bert in the water heading for the koi food:

Ducks by pond deck

Some on the bank, some in the water:

Ducks by pond deck and in pond

3 thoughts on “Ducklings day 58: not really ducklings anymore

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  2. Where do they sleep? I understand it’s not in their house – they are a bit large for that. Are you concerned about wild animals?

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