Flock Friday for July 10

For this week’s Flock Friday, a few pictures of Bert, and a bunch of chicken pictures.

Here’s Bert by the edge of the pond:


Spending time with the ducklings earlier in the week:


Bert and ducklings

On the ramp, with undercoat fluffs on his bill:


A few pictures of the new chicken coop. Sometimes I just go in there and marvel that I designed and built it. The fun chandelier, looking rather cobwebby:

Chicken coop chandelier

The inner door and recent addition of a straw loft above the outer door:

Chicken coop

The open vents and pop door:

Chicken coop

The nesting boxes:

Chicken coop nesting boxes

Chickens sitting around in the run:




Fascinated by my boot:


Some raspberries growing through the fence, too high for them to reach; I picked some and gave them to the chickens:


A chicken with a raspberry:

Chicken with rasberry

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