Cat update for week ending October 10

Lots of cat cabin pictures this week, plus a fight between alien cats Poppa and Paladout.

Pommie by the cabins:

Pommie by the cabins

Super-relaxed Pommie:

Pommie in a cabin

Two cats inside the cat house:

Two cats inside

That camera has stopped recognizing its SD card, so I can’t capture recordings. So there will probably be fewer views inside the cat house, unless I replace the camera (again). The cat house isn’t used much in summer, but as we head towards winter, I expect they’ll use it more, so I might think it worthwhile to replace the camera.

Indoor cameras aren’t super expensive, especially at the 3 megapixel resolution, which is good enough for close quarters like this… though the one I use is no longer available (maybe because it was so unreliable? I’ve had several have this issue). So I’d have to switch to another style, like a pan/tilt one, though they don’t have as wide a viewing angle (90° vs 140° with the current one). Or even a cheap 2 megapixel model for 1080P resolution, which is plenty. Or just leave it as-is; the current camera still works for live viewing, just not recording.

Not that anyone but me cares about all that.

Anyway, back to the pictures. Here’s Poppa:



And Paladout:




An animated GIF of a big yawn:

GIF of yawn

While doing rounds, I spotted a cat on the driveway:

Cat on driveway

Porcini peeking at me around the corner of the house:

Cat by corner of house

Three cats at breakfast time:

Three cats

Two cats

Porcini in a cabin:

Porcini in a cabin

Pommie says “hey, that’s my cabin!”

Hey, that's my cabin!

Porcini and Pommie

GIF of just eyes moving:

GIF of eyes



Poppa and Paladout had an encounter; Paladout was eating, and Poppa arrived:

Poppa and Paladout

Poppa attacked Paladout; here’s a GIF:

GIF of Poppa and Paladout fight

I’m glad Poppa doesn’t do that to our ferals. I suspect Paladout won’t visit again for a while. (I’m pretty sure he is a neighbor’s pet that they let roam around, as probably is Poppa.)

Porcini and Pommie at the cabins again:

Porcini and Pommie

This time Pommie accepted the less preferred cabin:

Porcini and Pommie

Pommie says “eww, it’s wet”:

GIF of cat

A GIF summary of 38 cat pictures from this week:

GIF summary

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