Cat update for week ending October 24

As mentioned in yesterday’s Flock Friday, it has been below freezing the last few days, which of course means the feral cats have been hanging around home more, snuggling in their heated shelters.

For today’s Caturday, a few pictures of snuggles, and several GIFs. I really restrained myself from uploading too many snuggle pics; at the end I have a summary GIF with 78 pictures, and I think at least half of them are of cute snuggling.

So let’s get a couple of those out of the way to start:

Cat snuggles

Cat snuggles

Here’s a GIF of Porcini and Poppy snuggling, that I posted earlier in the week on my personal blog:

Cat snuggles GIF

As usual, Pommie has been spending most of her time at the cabins:

Pommie at the cabins

Three cats inside the cat house:

Three cats inside the cat house

Another snuggle GIF:

Cat snuggles GIF

Porcini and Pommie outside:

Porcini and Pommie

I flushed out Porcini and Poppy when visiting the cat house to reset the cameras; they watched me from a safe distance:

Porcini and Poppy

Three cats; they look like they’re telling secrets, but are actually going after some bonus food I tossed there when refilling their dispenser:

Three cats

Four cats at breakfast time:

Four cats

Three cats in the feeder:

Three cats

Four cats again:

Four cats

And four cats inside the house, which is rather unusual:

Four cats

A little more snuggling… because three cats:

Three cats

Porcini and Poppy:

Porcini and Poppy

Cats playing on the awning and jumping down from a tree:

Cats on awning and tree

A GIF of that playtime:

Cats GIF

A screenshot of my cams app showing 3 cats (deck, feeder, and house):

Cams screenshot with 3 cats

Later, four cats (cabin, feeder, two in the house):

Cams screenshot with 4 cats

And five cats (deck, cabin, feeder, two in the house):

Cams screenshot with 5 cats

A time-lapse GIF of several days inside the cat house:

Timelapse GIF

And finally, the aforementioned summary GIF of 78 photos from this week, if you haven’t already overdosed on snuggles… plus glimpses of Poppa, Paladout by the pond, and more that I didn’t include above:

Summary GIF

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