Flock Friday for October 9: the ducks

Welcome to the first Flock Friday with all of the ducks together! I have so many duck pictures, there aren’t any chicken ones this time — I’ll make sure to include some next week.

There were 248 pictures this week… so I picked 30 not-previously-published ones to highlight in this post, and included the rest in a big summary GIF at the end, if you’re interested. (Edit: I’ve moved the GIF to a separate post, to avoid loading issues.)

As mentioned in the last daily duckling post yesterday, you can review the duckling posts in chronological order via the tags “ducklings 2020” and “ducklings 2020 again”, if that’s a thing you want to do.

As a brief review, we started the past week with the new ducks still enclosed in the duck house and run:

New ducks

A week ago I removed the fence, allowing them to join the older ducks in the pond:

New ducks

Which they did very quickly:

New ducks

Here’s another shot of their first swim in the pond:

New ducks

Sassa and the older ducks:

Sassa and older ducks

Betty and Sassa, back before she cleaned herself up:

Betty and Sassa

Some ducks by the (currently off) waterfall:

Ducks by waterfall

At the edge of the lawn:

By lawn

The two groups of ducks are becoming more integrated over time, but started out mostly separated:

Two groups

Betty and the new ducks enjoying leafy treats:

Leafy treats

The old position of the food bowl, before I moved it into the duck house:

Food bowl

I added a new island to the pond, and cleaned the fountain; I captured a few pictures while standing in the pond (see the GIF for more, including a couple selfies):

In the pond

I mucked out the duck house; now that they’re only going in there to eat, I shouldn’t need to do that as often:

Mucked out duck house

The boys:

The boys

I discovered that the fake heron that was on the bank went for a swim; someone must have knocked it off. It was supposed to discourage the real heron from visiting the pond, though didn’t really work:

Fake heron

Sven flapping his wings:

Sven wings

Relaxing amongst some grasses:

Amongst grasses

The boys again:

The boys

All the islands occupied:

On islands



Rooting in the lawn for tasty bugs; unlike chickens, ducks don’t really damage the lawn, just a nice bit of aeration:

On the lawn

On the lawn

On the lawn

In the pond:

In the pond

Mealworm treats:

In the pond

In the pond

One chicken-related thing — ChickenGuard sent me a replacement motor to try to solve the issues I’ve been having with the opener on the new coop. But it arrived with a broken wire! Oops. So I gave up and ordered a new unit. This morning, they said they’ll send a new circuit board as a goodwill gesture, so I’ll have a spare. It’s frustrating when a device doesn’t work, but it is three years old, and I’m generally satisfied with the devices and their customer service. For the convenience of not having to manually open and close the pop doors every day, it’s worth it even if I have to replace them every few years. (And their 3-year warranty is very generous, especially when they send free replacement parts when just outside that period.)

ChickenGuard motor

The ducks in the pond, looking towards the hidden path (you can see a peek of the white gazebo; that’s the entrance to the path):

In the pond

The reverse view, from the hidden path:

In the pond

All the ducks:

In the pond

Edit: I’ve moved the GIF to a separate post, as it seemed to cause some loading issues.

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