More ducklings day 51

Another day in the duck house. When will I let them into the pond? Soon! How soon? I’ll let you know when I do!

It’s always fun to dig through fresh straw. And look at those shiny feathers:


Rouens with leafy treats. It’s hard to capture a picture without too much motion blur, as they’re moving quite fast:

Leafy treats

How fast? Here’s a GIF of a Live Photo, with bits flying everywhere:

GIF of leafy treats

This is a little blurry, but funny:

Leafy treats

Hey Sassa:


The daily Clara feather check; still not quite ready:

Clara feather check

A GIF summary of 18 photos today, with motion blurry treats and more Clara and Sassa pics:

GIF summary

(Yes, Sassa got some treats too; she doesn’t like to join the fray, but I always make sure she gets some.)

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