More ducklings day 53: a day outside

The new ducks all survived their first night outside (as expected, they weren’t at all interested in going back inside the duck house when they had the whole pond environs to enjoy).

Here are all of the ducks — old and new — on the pond bank when I did my morning rounds. Still separated, but together:

Ducks on the pond bank

Betty and the new ducks were happy to accept some leafy treats (the others got some too, but weren’t as excited):

Leafy treats

Leafy treats



A couple of Rouens:


Betty and the new ducks on the edge of the lawn by the pond:

New ducks

Rooting in the grass:

Rooting in grass

Rooting in grass

Rooting in grass

At the duck house, I removed the kiddie pool, since they don’t need it anymore, and moved the food dish into the run area, as a step towards discontinuing it and just using the feeder tube inside the duck house:

Removed kiddie pool

The removed kiddie pool drying off:

Removed kiddie pool

I also moved the mobile camera (that was watching the run) to a better position to watch the pond and bank:


This afternoon, they were still sitting on the bank:

Sitting on the bank

Sassa having a good stretch:

Sitting on the bank

This is becoming a pattern: a summary GIF of all 42 of today’s pictures (actually, the first few are from last night, after yesterday’s post); again, some of these that weren’t included above may turn up in next week’s Flock Friday, so enjoy the sneak peek and bonus pics:

GIF summary

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