Bee shed: corrugated cladding

A few days ago I did another few hours on the bee shed project, adding corrugated steel and transparent panels to clad the walls.

The first step, of course, was to bring the panels to the shed from the hoop house, where they’ve been waiting for the past year. I laid them on top of my wheelbarrow for easy transport:

Bringing panels on a wheelbarrow

Then I added one clear and one steel panel to the wall that already had one, temporarily clamping them in place while I tweaked the positioning:

Panels clamped in place

A closer view of the clamps (these quick-grip clamps are very useful, highly recommended, especially since they can be operated one-handed):


I lifted the top panel again so it could overlap the clear panel for better weatherproofing, and screwed the panels in place:

Screwed in place

I used a wooden closure strip with the clear panels, to eliminate the corrugated gap:

Closure strip

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the curvature of the metal panels was different, so wasn’t able to use the closure strips I had on those. I’ll have to either find different ones, or just fill those gaps with gap-filler foam or caulk. Oops.

The heavy-duty self-tapping screws I used include rubber and metal washers for weatherproofing:


One wall done:

One wall done

One wall done

I reversed the boards mounted onto a corner post to fill that gap, for reasons:

Tweaked corner fillers

A closer look at the tweaked corner fillers:

Tweaked corner fillers

One benefit of assembling with screws instead of nails is it makes such adjustments much easier. I enjoyed using my pneumatic nailer when building the chicken coop and other early projects, but nowadays I much prefer using screws. They’re adjustable, tidier, and hold things together better. The screwdriver is also much quieter.

This back wall shows why I reversed them — the ends of the panels abut the boards sticking out from the corner, so there’s no corrugated gap:

Panels mounted

Two walls done:

Two walls done

And three walls done:

Three walls done

Three walls done

A closeup of the last wall; it’s so shiny, for now:

Wall closeup

Here’s the doorway; the next step will be to make the door frame, then the double doors:


I am wondering if I should change my plan for the doors, though. The current concept is to fill that space with two doors, each almost 4’ wide, which is a bit wide for doors, though not fatally so. The doors will be made of 2x4s with clear corrugated panels. Looking from outside, the left door will be the main one, and the right one will have a cane bolt to hold it closed. I expect we’ll leave the right door closed almost all the time.

So there could be merit in simplifying it a bit by making a narrower doorway, with just one door, centered on the wall. I think I’m leaning towards that.

Looking inside:

Looking inside



With those windows, even if I reduce the size of the door, there will be plenty of light inside. Hopefully not too much of a greenhouse. Hey, a metal and clear box without any shade; how hot could it get?!

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