Bee shed: doorway

Today I did some more work on the bee shed project. As mentioned last time, I was thinking about changing my plan for the doors, from wide double doors to a more sensibly sized single door. I did decide to do that, so today built the door and adjacent wall framing.

Firstly, I tried a proof of my concept, with a couple of scrap blocks of wood and a door hinge. In this example, the left block represents the door frame, the right block is part of the door itself, with a hinge sandwiched between:

Demo of door hinge

The first step was to add new 4×4 posts for the doorway, spaced 3’ apart, as a comfortable doorway width:


The posts were clamped to the existing board at the top:


A post level ensured they were straight:

Post level

The bottom of each post is buried in a hole, for bonus stability and support:

Post in a hole

The two posts installed:

Posts installed

Next I added 2×6 wall boards, like with the other walls, again making them level:

Wall boards and level

The door will close upon the posts on the side, and a horizontal post at the bottom as a door sill:

Door frame and sill

Here’s the doorway and the framing for one side wall:


A closer look at the wall framing:

Wall framing

I also added blocks on the corners to fill that gap; like on the back wall, the corrugated panels will abut this board, to avoid exposing a gap:

Gap filler block

A similar gap filler block on the other side:

Gap filler block

I also added a door frame header:

Door frame header

Here is the final framing for the side walls and doorway:

Door frame

Next time, I will build the door itself, hang the door on the hinges, and install the latch. I probably won’t have time to mount the corrugated panels to the walls and door, but that’ll be the next step after that.

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