Assembling and updating our greenhouse.

October 2018

We’ve long wanted a greenhouse to help extend our growing seasons, so I purchased and assembled one:

An empty greenhouse isn’t very useful, so we added a potting bench and basic wire shelving:

January 2020

To increase the capacity of growing space, I built some custom wooden shelving. Here’s the framing for a shelf:

The back shelves underway:

February 2020

Once the shelves were completed, I stained and installed them:

I also included a sink:

March 2020

In order to support soil moisture sensors in the greenhouse, I added a weather station that also includes wind, light, and rain sensors, plus indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity:

To irrigate the plants, I installed pipes and taps:

April 2020

A fun aerial shot of the greenhouse via my drone:

Starting to install irrigation misters:

And finished:

That’s it for now. I’ll update this summary with any future greenhouse enhancements.