Berry Cage

Building a berry cage in the vegetable garden.

November 2018

To help protect our blueberries, strawberries, and others from birds, I built a fully fenced enclosure within our existing fenced veggie garden. As with many projects, the first step was a delivery of materials:

To maximize the useful space, I also added a new bed within the berry cage area:

Adding the first pole to support the roof:

December 2018

Lots of poles and beams:

Adding fencing wire:

Building the back gate:

January 2019

And more gates:

And yet another gate, between the chicken run and veggie garden:

Adding welded wire roofing:

February 2019

Finally, replacing the exterior fencing wire:

That concludes this project. In retrospect, I wish I had used a narrower gauge wire, since small birds can still squeeze through. I didn’t want to use too small, that would prevent bees from entering, though. I might add a layer of chicken wire to solve this, though I’m not sure it’d be worth the cost and effort.