Bee Shed

Converting an old potting shelter into a shed to store beekeeping materials.

We inherited an old potting shelter in a corner of our property near our beehives, so to avoid having to lug hive boxes and such from the back of the workshop, we decided to enclose that shelter to make a shed.

February 2021

The old potting shelter near the beehives:

March 2021

I straightened some posts, and added weed mat and rubber flooring:

Then I added framing to the walls:

And framing for shelving:

Then I could add corrugated cladding, with clear panels as windows in the center:

Framing for the doorway:

April 2021

Making the door:

Cladding the door:

May 2021

Finally, some finishing touches, including the shelving and a mirror:

That concludes this project; it’s unlikely there will be further changes of any significance, but I’ll update this summary if there are.