Cat update for week ending July 11

For this week’s Caturday, we start with a not-cat, then a GIF of a day in the cat house, plus pictures of multiple cats in multiple places, a second GIF of Poppa and Pommie, checking on the shop cats, and finish with some nice shots of sunrise in the breezeway.

A raccoon visited the cabins; nobody was home at the time:


An animated GIF of a day in the cat house, with snuggles and other cats visiting; you may have seen the YouTube video of this timelapse:

Cat house GIF

Three cats waiting for food at the cat house:

Three cats

A rare picture of four cats inside the cat house (probably just Spud missing; no boys allowed):

Four cats

A cat walks down the breezeway, while another relaxes in the cabin:

Two cats

Poppa spent some time hanging out with Pommie:

Poppa and Pommie

Poppa and Pommie


Cabins GIF

A late departure from the breezeway cabin; sometimes it’s nice to sleep in a bit:

Breezeway cat

Checking on Pepper in the front of the shop:


And Pansy in the back of the shop:


Classic Poppy face:

Two cats

Need more lens flare! Sunrise this morning with Spud in the breezeway:

Spud in breezeway

Spud in breezeway

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