Ducklings day 38

Today I made more gentle steps into the new duckling pool, and a couple of them tried it.

I used the remaining bricks that were forming the temporary patio (where the run is now) to make easier steps into the kiddie pool:


I then put a bunch of lettuce treats in the pool to entice them. Several of them stood outside the pool and reached in for the treats:

Reaching for treats

The old paint tray pool is still preferred; here’s one dunking:


They were curious about the pool, gathering around it and peering in:

Around the pool

A bit later, Betty (of course) was first to enter the pool:

Betty entering pool

Soon followed by the male Blue Swedish, Sven:

Two ducklings in pool



He exited the pool by hopping over the side, proving that the steps wasn’t really the problem:


Tomorrow, I think I’ll make the water a bit deeper, to see if that encourages them to use it more. I might remove the paint tray, too. I really feel they’ll love the kiddie pool once they get used to it. And it’ll be good practice to swim in that before going into the pond.

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