Ducklings day 43

Shockingly, no modifications to the duckling run today. They’ll only be using it for another week or two, so it’s fine.

I mentioned yesterday that they swam in the afternoon. Here are a few cam shots from then, starting with three pairs of duckling feet on the edge of the pool:

Duckling feet

The shade does make the pictures less clear; the cam can’t handle the sunny and shady contrast as well:

Afternoon swim

Afternoon swim

This morning, treat time:

Morning treat time

Drinking water drained from when I just refilled their water dispenser:

Drinking water drained from house

Flapping wings; it’s fascinating watching the feathers growing, as little pins that sprout feathery bits from the end, spreading towards the base:

Flapping wings

Touching bills:

Touching bills





An afternoon swim today:

Afternoon swim

Flapping wings:

Afternoon swim

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