Flock Friday for July 17

For Flock Friday this week, a bunch of pictures of our adult duck Bert, and a few chicken pictures.

Bert and Betty drinking water drained from the duck house:

Bert drinking

Bert with the ducklings, when I first added the kiddie pool (remember that?):

Bert with ducklings

Bert by my feet:

Bert by my feet


Bert by the duckling run, from across the pond:

Bert by duckling run from across the pond

Bert and ducklings from across the pond

Bert on the island:

Bert on island

Bert with ducklings on another day:

Bert with ducklings

Bert on the island from the pond cam:

Bert on the island

We gave the chickens some tasty slugs as treats, though they ignored them, at least while we were watching. Here’s Domino:

Domino ignoring slugs

Domino ignoring a slug

Sometimes an egg gets broken in a nesting box, which makes other eggs dirty. When we have plentiful eggs as now, I just toss the dirty ones, rather than laboriously clean them:

Dirty eggs

With warm weather in summer, I have the chicken coop windows open:

Chicken coop

Some chickens visible on the roost above the nesting boxes:

Chickens through coop window

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