Ducklings day 51

Today, I feel like I’m being watched, and I watch shimmery feathers.

Everybody looking at me in the morning:

I feel like I'm being watched

Just waiting for their treats:


I was fascinated by the green feathers of a Rouen:

Green feathers

Or are they blue feathers?

Blue feathers?

Green feathers?

Green feathers?

Fascinating feathers:

Treats and blue feathers

By the way, the Rouens currently look like females, though I know they are both males. Apparently they only have the colorful plumage in spring; other times they have more female-looking feathers to blend in. Sneaky! Should be interesting to watch. I didn’t see that with Bert, as he stayed the Buff color year-round (though did get the characteristically male tail curl in spring).

Swimming for treats:



I feel like I’m being watched again; heads tilted to point an eye at me:

I feel like I'm being watched

Afternoon mealworms:

Afternoon mealworms

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