Flock Friday for July 24

This week will probably be the last Flock Friday without the new ducks — they should be out in the pond by next week. I plan to stop the daily duckling posts once they settle into their new routine, though may still have more frequent updates for a while, depending on how many interesting pictures I take; we’ll see.

Here’s Bert watching them:


You may recall that we have an inverted ceramic pot in the pond as a small island for the ducks. I wanted to make it a bit bigger, so got a spare wider pot to add on top. Here are my waders and the pot, watched by Bert:

Waders, pot, duck

Me in my waders and garden work hat:


Me in the pond, adding the pot; it’s not particularly deep at that point:

David in pond

The expanded island (the pond is looking very green at present):


Another view of the island; it’s closer to the pond deck than it looks in the cam shot above:


Sometime I’d like to make an even bigger island, since only two or three ducks would be able to fit on that one. Perhaps a floating platform or something. It’s fairly low on my priority list, since the ducks can sleep floating on the pond, but I’ll re-evaluate once the new ones are out.

Bert watching me, with the waterfall and filler hose going:


Bert on the island overnight; I like the eerie glow off the duckling pool from the night vision light of the camera watching it:

Night pond

In the early morning, you can more clearly see Bert on the island:

Night pond

A night swim:

Night pond

I hadn’t taken any chicken pictures this week, but I wouldn’t want to deprive the chicken fans amongst you, so I took some this morning. Here they are awaiting treats:

Chickens awaiting treats


They got one of their all-time favorite treats this morning, cooked rice:

Chickens with rice treats

Chickens with rice treats

Chickens with rice treats

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