More ducklings day 23

It’s a hot day today, so I went out to the duck house a few times to refresh their pool water… so I ended up with 40 photos. And just for fun, I’m going to share all of them! But don’t worry, I picked out the better ones as usual, and put a GIF of all of them at the end. So you can look through the better ones and skip the GIF, or jump to the GIF and skip the rest, or enjoy both. Or skip the whole post if you like. You do you.

Leafy treats:

Leafy treats

Leafy treats

As I showed in a video this morning, today I held the kale and let them pull off bits, which worked out well:

David feeding treats

Crouching like that for quite a while wasn’t super comfortable, so on my next visit I added a concrete block with a kneeling pad to sit on, while I refilled their pool and spent time with them (the kneeling pad is mainly to protect my clothing from duckling poop; I don’t leave that in the run):

David filling pool

Ducklings in the pool:

Ducklings in pool

Duckling in pool


A moth on the duck house:


Lots of splashing:

Ducklings in pool

Later, when the temperature was over 90° F, I used the misting setting on the hose nozzle to help cool off the ducklings, especially the Blue Swedish, who doesn’t go in the pool:

Misting ducklings

Here’s that GIF of all of today’s duckling pics:

GIF of duckling pics