More ducklings day 46

Not sure exactly which day I’ll let the ducklings out into the pond, but it’ll be coming up soon; maybe Wednesday?

Here they all are:


Leafy treats, watched by Betty (and she snuck one out of the pool, too):

Leafy treats

Trying to reach a leaf under the gate:

Trying to reach treat under gate

Snagged by Betty:

Snagged by Betty

A view of the run and older duck food dish from outside:

From outside

Feathers growing; her feather growth is my main indicator of readiness, being the least mature of the ducklings:

Feathers growing

Hanging out on the steps:

Hanging out on the steps

In the doorway:

In the doorway

Sleeping on the edge; not sure she’s actually asleep, but that’s the posture they take when sleeping:

Sleeping on the edge

Cat update for week ending September 26

It’s now fall, and the trees got a head start. The rainy weather over the past week was most welcome, to help tamp down the nearby wildfires (which are getting under control, but still not completely out; I’ll do an update about them some other day).

This rainy weather makes the feral cats want to stay home, snuggly and warm in their heated cat house and cabins. So brace for some snuggly cuteness. I am including a summary GIF of 45 pictures captured this week at the end, like I did for yesterday’s Flock Friday. But here are 17 I particularly liked.

Poppy looking happy in a sunbeam on the cat house deck, while another eats:

Cat in sunbeam

Porcini and Poppy snuggling inside the cat house:


Porcini watching me while I attend to the small pond:


As mentioned in my flock post, I’ve been going out around dusk to close up the chicken coop; one day I went after dark, and saw some eyes on the driveway, which was a cat watching me (I often see the cats watching me from a distance):

Cat at night

Pansy in the back of the shop:



Poppy and Porcini in their house again:

Two cats in their house

Porcini, a twin, and Poppy:

Three cats

Cabin twins (Pommie on the left, Spud on the right):

Cabin twins

Poppy, Bella, and Porcini (I always list them left-to-right):

Three cats



Porcini having a bath:


More Porcini and Poppy snuggles:

Two cats in their house

Screenshot of cams with five cats; two in the cabins, three in the house:

Screenshot with five cats

Porcini looking out the window:


Can you stand more snuggles of this level of cuteness?




The aforementioned GIF of all 45 pictures captured this week:

GIF summary