More ducklings day 38

It’s raining a bit today, which is helping to clear out some of the smoke. Depending on how things look in the morning, we’re thinking we’ll probably head home tomorrow. So this might be the last duckling update from the excellent trailer pen that Mom and her partner provided for the ducklings.

The ducklings won’t enjoy the three hour drive home (and neither will my ears, now that some of them are quacking loudly), and they probably won’t like being back in the duck house and run, being a bit smaller than the trailer. But they need a couple more weeks before they’ll be old enough to go in the pond. It’ll be good for the older ducks and the ducklings to get used to each other again through the fence, too, before they merge.

Today, as I have each day, starting the day by adding more water to the kiddie pool, and refilling their food and paint tray pool:


I also added some fresh straw, including some further back, added by sprinkling on top of the wire, which left a few bits as fun things for them to snag:

Snagging straw

Treat time:


Treats in the pool:

Treats in pool

Only a couple of them wanted to swim while I was there; the others reached for the treats from outside:

Treats in pool

She’s happy to swim around, though:


Flock Friday for September 18

We’re still at Mom’s place (current thought is maybe heading home tomorrow; continuing to evaluate the smoke). But I still have some chicken and duck pictures for you.

Here’s another picture of the chickens from when we visited on Monday:


And a couple of previously-unpublished duck pictures from that visit:



One of the things I did while there was turn on the UPS for my Camect camera server, so I can now see several of the cams. Here is a capture from the pond cam from yesterday:


And from this morning; everyone still there:


Also from inside the new chicken coop. There’s an issue here — the pop door opener is stuck partially open, so at risk of raccoon invasion. Hopefully they won’t notice the opportunity:


The old chicken coop; still lots of food: