More ducklings day 48

Since Jean mentioned it, here’s a GIF of me shoving Gimpy yesterday. Or more charitably, gently introducing a reluctant duckling to the concept of swimming, in a safe environment. Yeah, that sounds better:

Shoving duckling

The ducklings this morning:



Today I introduced them to mealworm treats; they weren’t too sure about them at first, but I know they will go crazy for them in short order:

Mealworm treats

Hanging out in the duck house:


Rouen close-up:


And the Khaki Campbell:



ChickenGuard pop door opener demo

I recorded this video to show ChickenGuard’s customer support the issue I’m having with the opener on my new chicken coop (three years old, to be fair). It is having a door jam error when closing, requiring recalibration, but works once done, until nighttime when it is supposed to close.

I thought others might find it interesting too, to see how the coop pop door opener works, and the innovative way I have it mounted on a door so I can access it from inside the coop, and have the cord go straight down from the opener to the pop door.