More ducklings day 46

Not sure exactly which day I’ll let the ducklings out into the pond, but it’ll be coming up soon; maybe Wednesday?

Here they all are:


Leafy treats, watched by Betty (and she snuck one out of the pool, too):

Leafy treats

Trying to reach a leaf under the gate:

Trying to reach treat under gate

Snagged by Betty:

Snagged by Betty

A view of the run and older duck food dish from outside:

From outside

Feathers growing; her feather growth is my main indicator of readiness, being the least mature of the ducklings:

Feathers growing

Hanging out on the steps:

Hanging out on the steps

In the doorway:

In the doorway

Sleeping on the edge; not sure she’s actually asleep, but that’s the posture they take when sleeping:

Sleeping on the edge

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