ChickenGuard pop door opener demo

I recorded this video to show ChickenGuard’s customer support the issue I’m having with the opener on my new chicken coop (three years old, to be fair). It is having a door jam error when closing, requiring recalibration, but works once done, until nighttime when it is supposed to close.

I thought others might find it interesting too, to see how the coop pop door opener works, and the innovative way I have it mounted on a door so I can access it from inside the coop, and have the cord go straight down from the opener to the pop door.

3 thoughts on “ChickenGuard pop door opener demo

  1. Looks like you are calibrating it with the hinged panel with the controller on it swung open where the door and controller are in different alignments from the operational norm.

    Try reaching through to calibrate the controller with the panel (and controller) in the latched position. I think that will make a difference.

    1. It doesn’t make a difference. I can recalibrate from outside (just harder to tell the right door heights), but it still fails. Based on that video, the company is going to send a new motor. Hopefully that’ll fix it; we’ll see.

  2. Okay, I was thinking it looked at the cord positions (motor or spindle turns) or length of cord paid out to determine open and closed.

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